Vikings at Rudyard

On Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd April, Rudyard Lake Sailing Club were joined by the Sailing Branch of one of the biggest UK Viking Enactment Societies – click here for their website. Despite often displaying their boats, they don’t often get the chance to sail, so the gentle waters of Rudyard provided a great opportunity to have a go. As well as their main long boat they brought down their smaller boat and a couple of coracles.

To add to the authenticity, all the vikings came dressed in authentic clothing, and on Saturday night our Chef David, after much research produced a viking stew with flat breads. Much beer was consumed and I wont say what happened after the watershed at 9pm! Thanks to all RLSC members who dres

On Saturday, the vikings concentrated on training, but at the end of the day took a group of Jybaz out to learn how to row a longship. On the Sunday, the longboat also took part in Sunday sailing, and was deemed an on the water hazard to be avoided by the Race Officer for the day. Discussions are already underway about a follow up visit, it was a fab experience and we look forward to welcoming back our new Viking friends. For a bit of video from the day, click here.