Novice orientation Day 20th January

This is a great day for the novices and newer members to get together. So please keep the day free.

We will cover all the basics of how to borrow and rig the club boats, where everything is, how the club runs, how you can help. Food will be provided, and we also hope to open the bar as long as one of the bar committee are down.

Topics will include

  1. How to access the clubhouse
  2. Where club equipment is located
  3. Where the keys are
  4. How to book/pay for club boats
  5. How to sail as a member at RLSC, i.e. who to talk to before/after launching
  6. What the various basic sailing rules are at RLSC
  7. Who to turn to for help

More details to follow post the AGM when we hope to reveal our brand new novice rep!!! All I can say at the moment is that your proposed new novice rep is a dab hand with the jet washer, and is often to be found manning the rescue boat!!!