This is a quick guide how to use the system

Key to driving the system is to understand the concepts of Posts and Categories.

A post is a small piece of information. It will appear under menus or on news areas depending on the categories

Generic categories are

1. Featured, appear in the top bar on the home page

2. Front Page, appear on the front page below the top bar

3. Training/Courses – use this to post details of courses that  are coming up. If you want them on the front page or news sections click that too

4. News – Category for General News items

5. Jybaz – appear in jybaz news menu item

To post documents on the site, The best way is to save them as pdf files, upload to the image gallery, give them a sensible title and the insert them into a post or page. Always remember to put an appropriate featured image. Use the standard template normally

For short text items mainly about a link, then put them in as link format.

The order allows you to force items to come to the top of the sorting stack, the higher the number, the higher it is on the list. Default all to 0 unless you want to force a sort.

Results- The results page is for results 🙂 If you don’t have a result, put a link to noresults page until you have results