Hi all,
It's been a while, so I thought I better string some words together into something that may or may not be coherent.


Excellent Images

First apology is to Ade & Clare.  Theyve taken loads of amazing photos of you all on the water and gave me the links to them ages (and I do meen AGES) ago.  You can view them and Ade and Clare are happy for you to grab them for your personal use.  You can also buy higher resolution versions and large prints from them.  The links to the images are:



Enter your email address if prompted and the password is:  Rudyard

Covid & Mast Head Floats

We had a bit of an issue on Sunday that I managed to make worse.  For the avoidance of any doubts and to make matters CRYSTAL clear, whilst we are under covid restrictions:

  1. Where a safety boat is single crewed (i.e just a cox alone in the RIB), mast head floats must be fixed to your boat in order to participate in any club activities (Racing or Social Sailing).  No exeptions.  A minimum of a 2L Milk bottle is required.  The reason for this is that a single safety crew will struggle to quickly rescue people in distress.  To minimise this we attempt to slow or prevent the boat inverting completely, so as to allow the crew to right the dinghy and get back in.  
  2. Where a safety boat is multi crewed it is up to the discretion of the Race Officer on duty whether mast head floats can be dispensed with.
  3. It is not acceptable under any circumstances for foul and abusive language to be aimed at any duty member, period!  They are volunteers and deserve respect and gratitude and, not abuse.

Hopefully that clarifies the current situation.  I apologise to the members involved on Sunday for confusing matters


I have populated the duty roster for the rest of the summer.  Some members have commented that it's time for others to step up and do duties.  I have some general comments about duties and their allocation.

  1. There are less duties this year on average.  There are no Galley duties, and during Covid restrictions there was no point in having a duty member.
  2. Unfortunately we have shortages of Cox trained members.  I can't simply wave a magic wand and create these members and due to Covid opportunities for training such members has been limited.  PB2 qualified members are less than in previous years and PB2 trained members are having to pick up more duties.  We have recently trained a few more PB2 members, and the training team will be running further courses later in the year.  The newly trained PB2 members are now rostered onto Cox duties so the workload on the PB2 trained members will reduce.
  3. We also have a shortages of HRO trained members.  Mark J has ran some sessions to train new HRO volunteers and they are coming on stream too.  Some of them are OK already and some are doing some on the job training to get up to speed.  Again, these people have been rostered on already.
  4. To all new members.  If you want to get involved, doing a Powerboat Level 2 (PB2) course at RLSC is a great way to do this.  Normally these courses are around £200-£250 but we offer them to members at £120 on the proviso they do take on cox duties when asked.  PB2 is great fun, and the internationally recognised qualification allows you to rent a powerboat up to 9 metres long and take it up to 12 miles offshore!!  Being a HRO required a kknowledge of dinghy racing, and is therefore unsuited to novice members.  That said, you can get involved by offering to work with the HRO on duty and help with the signal flages and boat spotting.  All HRO's will gratefully accept such help as it's a lot of work!!

Finally, I'd like to thank our members who have been picking up lots of duties.  We are a member run club and without people doing duties we cannot operate.

Club SUP's

Our club SUP's have been temporarily withdrawn from use.  People were observed using them in an unsafe manner, and until our newly trained SUP instructors have their first aid qualifcations we cannot accept the risk of injury using club equipment.  People are, and always have been able to use their own equipment from our premises.  Members do not have to "prove" they are safe to go on the water when using their own boards, it is at their own risk.

Stay safe all.



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