RLSC Committee of Management Meeting

Thursday 25th March 2021 7.30pm


Angus Tennant, Beric Dawson, Colin Higham, David Burnham, Emma Carter, Harriet Wood, Ian Lee, Janet Shields, Maggie Scott, Patricia Ordsmith, Ralph Melville, Bill Hancock, Matthew Baker

1. Previous meeting minutes

Previous minutes approved via email prior to meeting.

Review of actions

JS - Strategy document – All need to review and provide feedback to Janet Janet has received some comments New Action: Review at CoM meeting in 2 months time due to COVID

BD – Galley risk statement when available needs to be reviewed from a Safeguarding perspective

BD – Add SUP instructors to DBS Check list. PO to review list for DBS. Added

IL – Accident book – to be purchased and stored in the table in the foyer. Arriving this week.

JS to contact Hartley about a new cover for Hartley 15 - awaiting response

AT to contact novices to ask what would help them get back on the water.

New Action: AT - Named contacts to buddy with, in slots, will send feedback details to PO

IL - Change of Club Rules - To publish by email tonight, for 21 day notice period. Completed

Agree day & frequency of meetings

Next meeting 19th April to review Q1 Financial Report

Agreed frequency of meetings to be monthly (Calendar month) on a Monday, 3rd Monday in each month.

ACTION: PO to send out meeting request for April – July.

2. New Members

Approved unanimously

Karen, husband and daughter, Megan Tierney (Family Sailing)

Alison Davies (Adult SUP)

PO to provide new sailing members’ contact details to Angus

A problem has been identified with the new membership system for some members who pay annually – they are showing as having not renewed, but their renewals are not yet due. Janet is working with James to solve this.

Discussion about duties and lack of PB2 coxes for duties, no courses are possible due to COVID restrictions until after June 21st.

3. Club Bank Account

Barclays Current Account - JS, IL and MJ have mandated online banking privileges and DB and MS can sign cheques only.

JS to confirm the bank mandate with Barclays.

Deposits: currently JS and MS only approved

PO: Agenda item for next meeting Approval of signatories

Action for AGM to review signatories if there is a change in Directors

4. Development Plan

The RYA 5 year Plan has been delayed and a 1 year Transitional Plan implemented due to COVID.

Discussion of whether the club should adopt a 1 year plan followed by a 5 year plan or develop the 5 year plan this year.

BH suggested a review of the previous plan and the benefits of having a rolling rather than fixed term plan

JS in favour of a five year plan to capitalise on available grants.

DB in favour of a five year plan to decide in which direction the club would like to go

PO proposed a live document with regular reviews

MS & BD suggested a five year plan with a more detailed 12 month plan

Approved unanimously that a 5 year plan will be developed, including a more detailed 12 month plan

Agreed that a section of the report on “Where we are now” will be developed and circulated to Committee members, followed by a development meeting to identify and agree “Where we want to be” and “What we need to do to get there”.

5. COVID update: Restarting Sailing & SUP

Organised activity, includes racing and training, not under restriction of max 30 people.

Discussion of whether social sailing is included in organised activity is to be decided. at a club level.

Rule of 6 still applies to spectators or people not taking part / helping in the organised activity.

Social distancing applies to everyone outside of your household.

OOD / Training lead / Jybaz Co-ordinator to police that the Rule of 6 and Social distancing are applied.

Pursuit races preferable to mass start to reduce numbers of people launching at the same time, JS pointed out that pursuit races finish at the same time.

MJ to consider format for races at the Easter regatta to stagger launching and recovery of boats

PO to update the COVID policy

Discussion about how many people will be allowed on site at any one time and whether the rule of 30 applies to spectators only.

IL to send comms out emphasising social distancing and the rule of 6

6. Galley Update

Ready to open when restrictions allow. Club returning to operating layout next week.


PO suggested returning the foils and sails to the clubhouse as per last lockdown

PO to sign CRT licence

MB wants to organise a SUP open day after 21st June. SUP Fridays to start from 9th April with a safety boat. SUP Race on 15th or 22nd May (15th is a Jybaz session).

Need more bar trained members from SUP group and coxes for safety cover

DB suggested EGM via election buddy to vote them in as bar committee members.

DB to circulate data protection policy for approval

IL offered to act as Fire Safety Officer for Fire Policy

Close of Meeting

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