To renew your membership, please foillow these instructions...

Step 1: Open you User Profile

Select "My Membership" from the main menu...

Stage 01 Menu

... to see the User Profile page, with three tabs:

Stage 02 User Profile Tabs

Step 2: View your Subscriptions

Click on the "My Subscriptions" tab to see your active subscriptions:

Stage 03 My Subscriptions

The main part of the screen lists all active subscriptions; below this is a list of all subscriptions that can be renewed.

Step 3: Process Renewal

In the bottom part fo the screen, select the subscription you want to renew and click on the "Process Renew" button. This will open the Subscription Renewal form:

Stage 04 Subscription Renewal

Complete this form as appropriate. Near the bottom of the screen is the "Payment Information" section. Rudyard Lake Sailing Club has taken the decision to only allow credit card payments so this is the only option available:

Stage 05 Payment Instructions

Once the form is complete, click on the "Process Renew" button. If you have missed any mandatory fields, these will be highlighted and you will need to complete these before you can move on.

Step 4: Checkout

You will now be taken to the Stripe Checkout.

Stage 06 Checkout

Stripe is a payment gateway for credit card transactions; it is used by many household name brands including Deliveroo, Asos and Using a payment gateway allows us to process card payments without storing any credit card details on our site.

Please enter details of your credit or debit card as requested on screen, and click on "Subscribe". Your card will then be automatically charged on a monthly or annual basis (depending on the subscription type) without you needing to do anything else, until your subscription is cancelled or you change the card you want to pay with (see I want to change the card I pay with).

Step 5: Confirmation & Transaction ID

You will now see a confirmation screen showing details of the subscription you have renewed:

Stage 07 Confirmation

At the bottom of this screen are the transaction details you may wish to keep for your records:

Stage 08 Transaction ID


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