If you have just received an email saying that your membership, boat fee or road trailer fee is expiring, there is no need to worry - this is just what happens with all non-recurring subscriptions. You now have a number of options...

Assuming you want to continue the subscription, you may choose to simply renew it for another year, or move to a monthly payment (this option is available for most membership types but not boat or road trailer fees as the amounts are too low for this to be worth the monthly transaction fees the bank charges us). Optionally, you may wish to cancel the subscription - for instance, if you no longer wish to keep a boat at the club.

Renewing your Subscription

To renew your membership, please follow the detailed instructions, here: How to renew your membership.

Payment Options

Rudyard Lake Sailing Club recently took the decision to move to credit cards for all payments. This simplifies accounting significantly and makes it much easier for us to run the club. Our membership system supports one-off payments, regular monthly payments and regular annual payments so this does not affect how much or when you pay.

Most UK credit and debit cards are accepted, with the exclusion of American Express (apologies for this but the fees we have to pay Amex are just too high).

If you are in a position where you cannot pay by card, please contact the Membership team and we will help you.

Still Not Sure What To Do?

If you are still not sure what to do, or have any questions about any of this, do please get in touch with the Membership team and we will help you.

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