Everything you need to know about managing your membership account, boat and road trailer subscriptions.

To view your account details, you first need to log in to the system. The login area is near the top of the home page, under the "RYA Affiliated" logo in the right hand column. Alternatively, you can click here.

Username and Password

If this is the first time you have logged in, chances are you do not know your username or password. For all accounts imported from WebCollect at the end of August 2020, the username is the firstname and lastname combined, e.g. Jane Doe's username would be janedoe. If this does not work, or you have forgotten your username, please use the "Forgot your username?" link in the login area.

All imported accounts have random passwords; if you do not know what your password is, please use the "Forgot your pasword?" link.

Viewing & Editing Account Details

Now you have logged in, please go to the "Our Club" menu and click on "My Membership" (or click here). There are a number of menu items under "My Membership"; please ignore these for now.

You should now be in the User Profile page, with four tabs across the top:

  • Edit Profile: this is where you can view and edit your profile information. If anything is incorrect here, please correct it and click on "Update" to save. We have recently made a few extra fields mandatory (e.g. date of birth, to help us with getting funding from sports bodies who want to know our age demographics) so you may need to add these before you can save your profile.
  • My Subscriptions: this is where you can see your current subscriptions, and cancel any renewing memberships or change your card details if necessary. The links in the "Plan" column will take you to the detailed information about the plan, rather than your membership subscription.
  • Subscription History: this section has a complete history of all subscriptions associated with your membership account, including it status. This time, if you click on a link in the "Plan" column, you will be shown your membership subscription details. Please note that all subscriptions are associated with an individual account so, if you are part of a family membership and have a boat fee subscription for instance but cannot see it, it is probably associated with a different family member.
  • Registration History: the final tab shows all events that you have registered for.

Family Memberships

If you have a family subscription and you are its administrator, you will see a menu item, "Family Members" under the "My membership" menu item. From here, you can click on the links under "Plan" to view and edit the profiles of the other members in your family.

This system only allows one family subscription administrator. If you are in a family membership and cannot see the "Family Members" menu item, this means you are not the administrator of the family membership. If the wrong member of your family has been set up as the administrator, please contact the Membership team and we will help you change it.

Boat & Road Trailer Subscriptions

Thge final two menu items under "My Membership" are for adding boat parking or road trailer fee subscriptions. These work in the same way as setting up any other subscription.

Any boat or road trailer fees associated with your membership account will be listed in "My Subscriptions", as described above.

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