SUP Hearder FAQs

Stand Up Paddle boarding was only introduced to the sailing club in 2020. Our new members have settled in well and we continue to tweek our guidelines to maximise enjoyment for all members of the club.

Q.      Can I launch for the day without joining the club?

A.      No, you have to be a club member to launch. Day tickets are only available from the Rudyard Lake Trust visitor centre at the dam end of the lake. See their website for booking details and costs.

Q.   How much is membership?

A.      See the membership grid. If you want to sail and SUP then you have to join as a sailing member. If you only want to SUP then you need to join as ‘Other Sports’ member.

  • Family Membership. Up to 2 adults & children (any number) under 25.
  • Single Adult Membership for age 25 or older.
  • Young Person Membership under 25.

Members join for a minimum 12-month period.

Q.   What do I get for my membership?

A.   You get the following with club membership

  • Access to the lake, 7 days a week except for Wedding days (see club calendar). During a wedding and the preceding setup day, there is no other club activity.
  • You can paddle during the daylight hours but must be off the water by sunset.
  • Car parking and rigging with 10m of the shore.
  • Use of the clubhouse within the guidelines / rules of the club. All members can purchase a key (£50 deposit).
  • Use of a club electric pump stored in the club house storeroom, top shelf on the right.

SUP Pump Location

Q.      Why is sailing so much more expensive?

A.   The SUP rates are competitive to attract new SUP members and will be reviewed in January 2022. Sailing membership fees need to contribute to the overhead of providing sail racing, trophies and training. Sailing fees include a free training course for adults in their first year and junior training is included for all stages beyond the first year. SUP training will be charged separately to the membership fee.

Q.      What facilities are there in the clubhouse?

A.   Changing rooms with hot showers, toilets, bar, galley, extensive seating inside and on outside deck, full disability services and access, free car parking.

Q.   What else does the club offer?

A.   An active social calendar throughout the year. A fulltime Galley Cafe shop operating 9am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday. Subsided Powerboat courses £120.00

Q.      What is expected from me as a member?


  • To use the club and its facilities in a considerate and respectful way.
  • To be insured (see below).
  • Follow club safety rules (see below)
  • As we share the lake, SUP members must carry the club ID Band whilst on the water.SUP ID Bands1
  • To do two ‘Volunteer’ duties per season as part of the team that provides lunch and helps run the sailing or SUP sessions.
  • Only launch and recovery from club.
  • When sail race and training sessions are scheduled, to SUP outside the areas being used.
  • When sail race and training sessions are scheduled, use the north pontoon to launch.

Q.      What insurance do I need?

A.      All SUP members are required to have third party insurance covering all their board activities. You can have an independent policy but it is normally provided by membership of the following sports that cover SUP activities:

Q.      What are the safety rules?

A.   Safety of club all members is our number one concern.

  • All club members, both sailing and SUP, are required to wear a PFD/buoyancy aid whilst on the water and on the club’s pontoons.
  • As Rudyard Lake is flat water, all SUP members are required to wear ankle leashes.
  • Under-18 SUP members are only allowed to paddle if there is a rescue boat on duty or with an accompanying adult SUP member in the group. Please note, adults cannot supervise children from shore.
  • If paddling without safety boat cover then consider buddying up.

Q.      How do the SUP members keep in touch?

A.      They have formed a SUP Facebook group, to ask questions, arrange meet ups and share photos. Please ask to join once you have taken out membership.

Q.      Can I bring a guest to paddle?

A.      As the Rudyard Lake Trust offers commercial SUP launching we do not want to take business of them, therefore, we ask you to restrict guests to 1 per month. However, if you want to bring along a potential new member to see the facilities and try out the lake then they are more than welcome. Please use the SUP Facebook group to arrange to come and meet the potential new member.

Q.      Can I store my SUP at the club?

A.      Sorry no.

Q.      Can I camp at the club?

A.      Sorry no. Unfortunately, we don’t have camping facilities on site.

Q.      Who represents the SUP members on the management committee?

A.      Matt Baker is the SUP rep on the management committee.

Z Matt Baker

Q.      How do you see SUP developing?

A.      This will be down to our SUP members but we are currently thinking of:

  • Fridays have been nominated as SUP priority day. If SUP members are willing to join the club’s bar staff, then they could potentially hold regular sporting and social sessions.
  • The club has committed to purchasing 6 SUP and training upto 4 SUP instructors, so it can offer formal tuition and taster sessions. These should be in place by Summer 2021.

Impact of the Covid Situation.

Covid has had a significant impact on all sports. RLSC is governed by the RYA and also subject to Government guidelines. The club has created a ‘Covid Working Group’ which is reviewing the RYA and government recommendations and guidelines and ensuring that the club is fully aligned. Hence, not all activities or facilities are available at the moment. All restrictions are clearly shown on the club website. However, access to the water for SUP is currently available, 7 days a week.                 


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