Geoff Holmes RYA Lifetime achievement Award

2016-09-11-15-19-05-hdr-2We are very pleased to announce that Geoff Holmes has been awarded a RYA Lifetime achievement award. Geoff will be off to London with Brenda to receive this award in November from Princess Anne. It marks many years leading and supporting our wonderful sailing club. Rather than list his achievements, here is a short email from a past member who knows him well and came down to race an Enterprise on Trophy Day/Diamond Celebration weekend.

Hi Geoff,

Just a quick note, firstly to say many, many congratulations on your RYA award – so well deserved – and I hope you and Brenda have a wonderful experience at the Volunteer Awards. Hopefully we shall read all about it on the  website/Facebook page or wherever!

Secondly, thank you for facilitating such an enjoyable day last Sunday. I had a super time (and have the bruises to prove it). Those 35+years since l last raced at Rudyard just fell away when l got in the boat (even if it was an Ent haha!). I bet you never thought you’d see this loyal N12 sailor in an Enterprise did you?  Just goes to show that one should never say never! But  seriously, please pass on my thanks to all concerned’ particularly to Dave Burnham who spent time helping use set the boat up etc. and also to the gentleman (Paul?? [Gimson – Ed.]- so many new names/faces!!) who will be sailing it at Southport. He was very helpful  when we were baffled by some of the “new fangled stuff”‘ The current members we spoke to were without exception unfailingly chatty and helpful with launching,  explanations of new racing procedures etc… just a wonderful day all round, and I remember thinking that my Dad would have been smiling to know that the friendly and welcoming ethos of those very early days has stood the test of time. It’s always lovely to catch up with past members’ so i must say thanks again Geoff –  without your effort and enthusiasm I know these events would not be the success that they’ve become over the years.

And finally, good luck to all those heading to Southport – I hope you all have an enjoyable and successful trip this weekend.

Take care,

Geoff has written the following to all past and present members of the club
To :Patricia Ordsmith The President,  Flag Officers and Members of the General Committee,  All Members
I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for nominating me on behalf of the Club, for the RYA Community Award ( Lifetime Commitment).
When the letter arrived from the RYA informing me of the decision to present me with this award I felt proud, humbled and honoured.
As you know I wish most sincerely to share this with, not only my peers in the sixties  but members right through to the present time. I have always been proud to belong to this great Club, and in my small way to be a good ambassador too. It is good that we
continue be in a healthy financial position and have a very successful junior section.
Looking forward to receiving my certificate and medallion from Princess Anne on  Nov 18th, the night before our Annual Dinner; one more for the trophy table!
Following the Reunion there have been many thank you letters. I believe the one from Gillian Warren describes most eloquently what the Club has always set out to achieve   – “the friendly and welcoming ethos of those early days have stood the test of time”
Again many thanks
Geoff Holmes