Duties – what next?

You will have received duty emails recently. It is important that you follow these instructions so we know you are able to do your duties. Remember it is your responsibility to arrange a swap if you can’t make the date. I took into account the preferences of all those who emailed me with holiday dates. Here is what you need to do. (HEALTH WARNING  – WRITTEN in 2015 so some menu items may have changed a bit)

1. 1dutyLog onto dutymanclick here.  If you have forgotten your password, then click on the login reminder at the right of the screen. Your email address will be the one you receive notifications of my blogs and other emails from dutyman on.

1duty2. Once you are logged in there is a handy menu on the right hand side. You can list your duties, and also set up dutyman on your smartphone.

3. The first job is to confirm all the dates you have been rostered or ask for swaps.

1duty4. If you can do all the dates, there is an easy confirm all button. If not, you can open up a duty – they are all highlighted in red. Click on the red arrow next to the duty and a list of options will open up.

2duty5. Once the duty is open you can either accept it or request a swap. Make sure you ask the system to send you reminders when you confirm duties.

6. If you want a swap, you need to select the duty swap box, and then open up the duty swap menu which is behind this tab on the right of the screen (see figure on left). 1dutyFollow the instructions to select other dates you know you can do and request a swap. Then wait for others to respond and swap. You can select multiple dates and see who responds.

7. To get back to the home menu, click on the Home tab at the right of the screen.

1duty8. One other  handy feature is to email or contact another member. If you at the top of the screen, there is a directory with all the members details. Once you have found a member you will see contact details and also a handy email button.

9. If you are an OOD, you will be able to check on the system who has confirmed their duties. If nearer the day you are OOD you have members who have not confirmed, please ring them and confirm they will be attending.

Finally, a plea. The whole point of the system is to easily allow members to confirm their duties and do swaps. In the past the commodore has had to do all this manually, and this has been a main cause of why a) commodores don’t sail much and b) they are exhausted after 1 year. So please help me not be the next in line of worn out commodores. I fully understand a few members will find a system such as this daunting, I’m happy to sit down and show you how to use it at the club. All I need is for you to know your password, I can help you though the rest.