Commodores Cogitations #8 – Duties – whats expected

Race Huthave had quite a few questions about duties, so I thought I would summarize what’s involved. By now you will have had notification from Dutyman about which ones you have been allocated, please remember members volunteering to help out and give their time is essential to the smooth running of our club. If you can’t make the date, then you can swap with other members – click on this blog to find out how.

To ensure sailing goes well, we need Duty Members. It is a condition of membership that everyone does their fair share of duties. Here is the summary of the roles and what you are needed to do. More details can be found in the year book.

1. Officer of the Day – not as daunting as it sounds, you need to make sure your fellow duty people are going to turn up (Email/phone) and then be available to ensure the smooth running of the day, filling in any gaps in the rescue boat/race hut or galley. Don’t be daunted by all the stuff in the blue book, if you are less experienced the HRO will probably know the ropes and will help you. Please notify me of anyone that does not turn up for their duty.

2. Hon Race Officer – probably the most technically demanding, you do need to be able to operate the computer and run racing. But you get to sit in the warm hut, far better than rescue boat. If you have not done it, let me or Geoff Holmes know you are interested and we can let you shadow us for one or two Sundays so you can learn on the ropes.

3. Rescue Boat Cox and Crew. You need to be qualified to be the cox, but anyone can volunteer to be the crew. I think these are the unsung heros out in all weathers and often unthanked (but given plenty of warm tea in thermos flasks to keep them going). Mind you its probably the best job of the lot on a warm summer evening or afternoon.

4. Galley – for those who want to stay in the dry and warm, again a really important job helping prep and serve the food. There has been some confusion, and the roles are a little different depending on the day. On Sundays Neil Walker will have supplied all the food, and you will have help from Margaret to prepare it. On Saturdays Diane Gruber will let you know what you need to do.

5. General Duty – This is an additional role to help out in a number of ways and is allocated to all those who don’t express a preference for other roles. Depending on the weather and conditions you will be helping in the Galley, or possibly operating the flags for the racing, or crewing on the rescue boat. Please bring down suitable waterproof and warm clothing in case you need to go out on the rescue boat.

5. Bar staff – for the night owls, these folks start late and are usually the last to leave, and can combine this role with getting out on the water sailing too. You need to be elected to the bar committee so if you want to get involved, please speak to Janey Hill.. Also you need to still do your sailing duty bit!

Lastly, please click on the link to log on to Duty Man and make your choices and confirm your duties.