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President’s Report

Patricia Ordsmith

2016, the Club’s Diamond Jubilee and what a rewarding year!

It began with us being awarded finalist in the RYA Club of The Year at the London Dinghy Show and has finished with one of our founder members, Geoff Holmes, receiving an RYA Lifetime Commitment Award from HRH The Princess Royal.

In September we had a celebratory weekend to mark the 60th anniversary of the Club. On the Saturday, past Jybaz families and instructors joined us on a Jybaz training day and we recalled many happy memories. In the evening we had a lively Barn Dance with a hog roast. On the Sunday we had a fantastic attendance of past and present members. It was lovely to see several of these join in the Diamond Jubilee Race and thank you to one of our past members who wrote to tell us that “the friendly and welcoming ethos of those early days have stood the test of time”.

Over the last few years we have seen a slow decline in membership, however due to the combined efforts of our members the reasons have been investigated and acted upon, culminating in a 15% increase in membership this year. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our new members.

The club is financially healthy, the strategy developed in 2015 is being implemented and money is being reinvested in the club facilities and club boats. During 2016 a five year club boat strategy has also been developed and has started to be implemented. You will find more details in the following reports.

Our club is run totally by our volunteer members for the benefit of all our members. On behalf of the whole club I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all these volunteers.


Mark Jacot


2016 has seen the hard work of many members paying dividends in so many ways. What a way to start our year in great style attending the boat show as finalists for the prestigious “Club of the Year” award. The highlights for me were

  • A great season of sailing and racing on the water
  • Continued improvement of our sailing and other facilities with the refurbishment of the training room
  • Improved PR and use of local live radio interviews resulting in record attendance of over 200 at the Open Day and the follow up linked Push the Boat Out day
  • Joint social events with the rowing club
  • The increased strength of our adult novice sailing which I hope will lead to better retention of novice members
  • The increase in Coxes thanks to subsidised courses run by our Power Boat instructor
  • A tripling in the number of people attending training courses
  • Development of our school training courses and award of an AALA licence which allows us to run training for non-members and diversify our sources of new members
  • A 15% growth in membership after a number of years of steady decline
  • Taking part for the 50th time in the Southport 24-hour race and in particular Geoff Holmes taking to the water after a gap of 10 years (he sailed in the first race).
  • Continued growth of our parent led Jybaz section, with 79 different children taking part in 2016, an increase of 25% and continued success of the joint Sunday Sailing period in the summer encouraging Junior participation in racing and increased social cohesion of the different parts of the club
  • Agreement of our boat modernisation plan and the purchase of two RS Fevas and repairs/refurbishments to the club Enterprise and Laser 2000s
  • A fantastic weekend of celebrations for the Diamond Anniversary of the club
  • A strong financial performance driven by increased membership and letting fees with a forecast surplus of approx. £5,000 over our break even budget plan
  • A strong picture for wedding lettings – we are already full for 2017 which provides the funds we use to invest in the growth of the club

All this is underpinned by a team who work tirelessly in so many ways to support me and the committee. Those who fill thankless roles like treasurer, site manager, bar chairman, membership secretary, social secretary, galley and many more, and those who work in so many unsung ways behind the scenes fixing things, sorting things, reminding me what I have forgotten to do…..Thank you.


The increase in membership has improved the financial strength of the club and is enabling us to invest to improve our facilities and boat fleet. Jane covers this more in her membership report. The hard work done by Chris Smith and Ralph Melville to organise and publicise our Open and Push the Boat Out Days led to record attendance and a big jump in new members and training. The follow up by our Novice Reps (Ian Lee and Bruce Carter) with these new members will hopefully help them develop their sailing, and become active members of the club.

As a result of the financial strength we have reduced membership fees for most categories to encourage early payment before 31st January. We are, under Jane Smiths guidance improving our financial management and forecasting and also starting to put money aside for specific purposes agreed in the strategy. We are also able to invest to develop the club, and this year, alongside refurbishing the training room, we have funded the purchase of two new training boats as the first step of a boat modernisation and replacement plan.

Jybaz continues to grow and it is great to see how the joint sailing period in its second year is settling down and maturing. I certainly feel that it has significantly increased social cohesion across the club and enabled members to get to know each other more. This is evident, for example, in the numbers of Jybaz parents sailing and taking wider roles running the club. It’s great to watch the younger members grow and mature from young eager kids in optimists, through taking responsibility for others, becoming instructors and racers and then taking part in sailing elsewhere as they leave home.

We have continued to maintain the site, with major items including refurbishing the cess pit and electrics, and replacing much of our lighting with low energy LED bulbs. We have a team of unsung heroes that come to the rescue when something goes wrong – thank you. In a similar way, our Galley team turns out food week in week out and is making a significantly increased contribution to club fund despite lower prices. The bar is always manned and stocked, results get posted each week to the website, sailing events are organised….I could carry on for hours. Thanks also to Maurice Walker who, as secretary, ensures that all our meetings are run well, and other things like insurance are sorted. We made one claim this year for replacement of the access dagger board.

I would like to thank Fred and Geoff for their work sorting out the trophies – without a sailing secretary this year, they have stepped in and filled that gap.

All this takes a tremendous amount of work. More hands spread the load, so we are always looking for help. In particular, we do not currently have a sailing secretary or a social secretary to coordinate events and find volunteers to run them. We are looking for someone to shadow Tom as site manager for a year with a view to taking over from him. We are also looking for a future secretary. In addition, Mary is standing down at the end of next year as Hirings and Lettings organiser. None of these roles are daunting and none require you to be a fantastic sailor, so please think about taking one on, even if you are a new member. It’s all about being able to coordinate and organise an aspect of the club.

Looking forward to 2017

I am standing for one last year as commodore. It’s unusual for a commodore to “last” this long (1 or 2 years is the norm). My words are chosen carefully; we have lost many commodores because others have not stepped forward to take on roles and provide support. I am lucky that Sarah is very tolerant and supportive of the time I spend in the role. I also have a fantastic team around me which has made the job a pleasure to do. We need to fill the vacant roles and continue to build on the recent ground work. As long as you elect him(!), I think Ian Lee, who is taking on the Vice Commodore role, will be a fantastic successor, he has all the essential traits of enthusiasm, leadership, communication and organisation skills.

My aims for 2017 are to

  • Continue to do what we are doing well including Jybaz, racing, training and many more
  • Implement the next phase of the boat development plan by applying for a grant.
  • Continue to focus on novice sailor development and retention
  • Exploit our AALA licence to diversify sources of new members
  • Further diversify our social events
  • See if we can go one better in the RYA Club of the Year awards!

So many people say to me that they joined RLSC because everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Having fabulous facilities, racing, training, junior section and more helps. But what makes us stand out is that friendly welcome and support. That’s down to every single member of the club, so thank you for playing your part however you do. Please go out and tell all your friends that sailing is a fabulous low cost hobby, and the best place to do it is at Rudyard Lake Sailing Club.  After all, the biggest driver of new members in a vibrant sailing club is word of mouth recommendations which is down to each and every one of us.

Thank you for your support in 2016 and I look forward to another fantastic year.


Treasurer’s Report

Jane Smith


The AGM for the sailing club falls before the end of the financial year and so I am presenting here the projected management information figures for 2016 together with the actual figures for 2015 from the accounts prepared by Mitten Clarke.

In addition, I will set out the membership fees agreed for the coming year, 2017.

The Income and Expenditure account is attached together with highlights from the projected Balance Sheet.  The figures this year are calculated on an accruals basis, for example the membership income figure represents the income for the membership year regardless of when the monies were received.  Any money received in 2016 relating to 2017 membership is disregarded for management account purposes.  All figures presented exclude VAT and Corporation Tax as appropriate.

Quick reminder – anyone who purchases items on behalf of the club should obtain a VAT receipt so we can maximise our refund claims for VAT.

Commentary- 2016 Management Accounts

2016 has been a strong financial year and we have a projected surplus net income of £4,759 for the year against a break even budget.  This surplus has arisen due to increased income together with tightly managed costs.

Membership income has exceeded our forecast (£23,381 v budget of £21,500) as has facility hire income (£11,570 v budget of £10,000).  Membership income has increased due to a higher number of members and we hope this level of membership will be maintained next year.  Facility hire income is a major part of our financial strategy as it allows us to keep our membership fees low and a big thank you must go to Mary and her team for all their hard work with events.

Training income is projected to be £1,300 ahead of budget due to school sailing as well as in house training for RYA courses and Power Boat training courses run by Mike Barrow.  These training courses have a significant effect on the club’s ability to attract new members and thank you to Tricia, Dave and Larry and all Instructors who have helped with this programme.

Both galley and bar income are expected to exceed budget also and thank you to Janey and her team, Neil Walker, Dave Richards and Diane Gruber who have organised the bar and galley so well this year.

This increased income has allowed the management committee to invest in the clubhouse with the refurbishment of the committee / training room as well as bringing forward the implementation of the Boat Plan by investing in two new Feva boats in the current year.

In addition, we have purchased new sails for the Laser 2000, second hand mast and sails for the Laser 1, repaired the Access boat and the club Enterprise and are due to refurbish the Pico fleet over the winter months.  A number of boats have been sold this year: the Lark, the Wayfayer and one Enterprise, and these have yielded a book profit for the club of £440.

Other expenditure has been managed well in the year and the majority of cost centres are in line with budgeted levels.  The cost of entering the 24-hour race exceeded budget as we entered two boats this year, and I think this was enjoyed by all who were there.  Tom and his team have worked hard throughout the year to ensure the site is maintained to a high standard but costs are minimised.

In line with the club’s five year financial strategy, during the year we have moved funds to newly set up reserve accounts to ensure monies are available for future expenditure.  We have reserved £1,500 for small capital items and moved £2,000 to the Boat Fund for future boat purchases.  It has been agreed that this same amount will be reserved next year for small capital items and that the boat fund will have £3,500 allocated to it in 2017.   In addition, £3,000 has been and will be moved annually to the Road and Building Reserve Fund.  We have also allocated £25,000 from retained earnings to a new reserve for the potential purchase of the freehold to the premises.  This will be topped up in the future as funds allow and we believe this is a prudent approach to possible future financial commitments

Following a recent Rent Review of the premises, the rent charged will increase by 3% from this December, i.e. increasing from £6,014 to £6,194 per annum.

Cash held in banks at the year end is expected to amount to £82,199.  As mentioned above, in the future we have potentially high expenditure on items such as road and building improvements and freehold purchase as well as the small capital repairs and boats, so we look to hold funds to ensure we have sufficient monies should such expenditure be required.

During the year we have invested in a new cloud based accounting system with a fully integrated Fixed Asset Register.  We hope that the use of this new system will lead to a reduction in the Accountant’s fee in 2017 and going forward as well as making the financial reporting and insurance management much easier for the club internally. We have also introduced on line banking reimbursement payments for members which we hope will be easier for everyone.

We actively manage our surplus funds and invest in bonds which yield a higher return than leaving the money in the savings accounts at the Bank.  This will continue for the future.

For the statutory accounts for 2016 we are required to obtain an up to date valuation of the premises and this will be conducted in the new year.

Commentary – 2015 Annual Accounts

The attached accounts were approved by the directors at a Management Meeting in July having been prepared by Mitten Clarke.

These accounts do not differ materially from those presented by Arthur at the last AGM which were estimated.  The cash figure projected was accurate and other movements in the figures only resulted from accounting movements such as accruals / prepayments etc…  If anyone has any questions on these figure, please let me know, otherwise I propose that the accounts are accepted by the members.

For any new members, the depreciation policy of the Club is as follows.  The Club holds the premises on a 50 year lease after which the site returns to the ownership of the Canals and Rivers Trust and will have zero value for RLSC.  We currently have 35 years left on the lease and the value of the property is reduced annually in the accounts to reflect this lease profile.  Boats are depreciated at a rate of 10% reducing balance per annum and plant and machinery at 25% reducing balance per annum.  The Road and Building Improvements are depreciated at 4% reducing balance per annum.  Depreciation has not yet been charged on the surplus income figures reported as it is not a cash item.

Commentary – 2017

As part of the five year financial plan the Club will aim:

  • To support and provide funds for the Club Development Plan to maximise income and minimise expenditure
  • To build up sufficient reserves to deal with any future major capital costs
  • To maintain the clubhouse and site to a high standard for members and visitors
  • To set membership fees at an appropriate level annually

The budget for 2017 will be set early in the new year and projects for the coming year will be reviewed then.  If any one has any suggestions for such projects, please get in touch with one of the committee members.

Membership Fees – 2017

The following fees have been set for 2017:

Membership Category Fee if paid by 31.1.17 Fee if paid after 31.1.17
Family Membership £225 £255
Single Membership £180 £200
Entrance Fee £50 £50
Crew Membership £80 £85
Junior Membership £50 £50
Emeritus Membership £50 £55
Social Membership £55 £60
Life Membership £1
Boat Fee £50
Boat Rack Fee £25
Training Membership £85
Training Course Cost £110

The Club is currently in a healthy financial position and this is because many members do an enormous amount of work in all areas of running the club, thus keeping running costs low.  We have therefore decided to reduce the membership fee levels for family and single members and keep the majority of other membership levels in line with prior year figures.  We have increased the cost of Social membership by £5 to reflect the fact that Social members do not have to volunteer for a duty although many do help out.

We have increased the difference between settlement of fees by 31.1.17 and after that date in order to encourage members to pay their fees by the due date.  This not only makes the membership administration more straight forward, but also makes Mark’s job of allocating duties easier too, so please all pay your membership fees on time.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to Arthur for handing things over to me in such an organised way.  He has been a great support to me throughout the year and it is much appreciated. If anyone has any questions on the Club finances or ideas for the future, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of the other committee members.


Development Report

Chris Smith

Open Day and Push the Boat Out

2016 proved a very successful year for the 2 events aimed at attracting new members.  The Open Day and follow up “Push the Boat Out” events attracted over 200 guests who were able to witness the real spirit of the club with a terrific turnout of members to make the days run smoothly.  As a result we attracted:

  • 5 family memberships (10 adults and 11 children )
  • 9 adult training memberships
  • 2 crew/parent memberships
  • 1 social membership
  • 5 junior memberships

and collected over £2,750 in new subscriptions and training fees.


These days take lots of contributions from many of members; my thanks to all, there are too many members to thank individually.  Special thanks to the team of Ralph, Natalie, Colin and Beric who helped in the months before to plan and prepare for the events.


Boat Plan

A key aspect of the Club’s medium term plan is to ensure that we have a fleet of dinghies suitable to the needs of the training programmes that we organise as well as a fleet suitable to encourage novices and others to practice their skills on a variety of craft.


A number of factors have been used in developing a 10 year boat plan:

  • Historic numbers involved with training (Jybaz and Level 1/2)
  • Evidence that “newer” boats provide novices with additional confidence in trying sailing
  • Juniors, especially girls, often prefer racing in 2 man boats
  • New and used boat price statistics
  • Agreement from the Committee to increase the annual funding for dinghies


A plan has been presented and approved by the Committee, with the schedule of boats to be replaced or added specified in each year between now and 2026.  In summary, the plan is as follows:



The plan has kicked off already with the purchase of 2 RS Fevas, ready for the 2017 season.  It is our intention to accelerate the plan in 2017 if the Club is successful in a Sport England grant application.

Safety Boats

It is still considered that 4 safety boats are adequate for the Club’s current activities.  It is recognised however that the 2 ribs need to be replaced in the coming years.  With the focus for Grant funding pointing to the dingy plan, the Club will likely need to fund the 2 ribs from own funds.  A number of options have been considered;


  • Acquire second hand rib and engine as single purchase (eg South Staffs “cast-offs”)
  • Replace engines first (one in 2017, one in 2019) then the following year purchase replancement rib (2018 and 2020)


No final preferred option has been agreed so far.  In the meantime, many thanks to the bosuns (Alan, Dennis, Brian) for keeping the existing fleet on the water.



Jybaz 2016

Beric Dawson

There were 14 Jybaz sessions in the calendar for this year, running from late March to early November.  Jybaz days are busy and active with typically 4 or 5 teaching groups spread across ability levels, covering Stages 1-4 and other skills qualifications of the RYA National Youth Sailing Scheme.

The year saw a total of 79 children attend one or more Jybaz Saturdays, 16 more than last year and 26 more than 2014. Average attendance was 31 children, with the highest attendance being 41 in October.

Carrying on from the success in 2015, Jybaz Sundays took place during the months of June and July, where after lunch Jybaz and novice sailors joined the regular Sunday sailors for races in the afternoon. This initiative has continued to improve the integration of senior and Jybaz members and definitely helped Jybaz and novices join in racing events.

Jybaz would not be possible without the continued support of all parents and families.  Whether it is safety boats, pontoon cover, galley & bar duty, there is always plenty to do and many willing and able volunteers.  All the volunteering requires co-ordination so thanks to David More O’Ferrell for being lead Coxswain and Diane Gruber as Galley lead.  The galley generated significant profits from lunches and refreshments and the boat maintenance fund received over £750 from fees taken at each session.  My thanks to all families for their support and assistance with these voluntary roles.

The instructors are led by our Senior Instructor, Tricia Ordsmith. During the year, instructors included Alan Bethel, John Harrison, Sue Walker, Janet Shields, Emma Smith, Alex Gruber, Lucy Wright, Ed Clark, Bradley Clarke, Lucas Barrow, Alex Walker and Miles Walker. Thanks to all the instructors for their time and commitment throughout the 2016 season.

Outside the routine of Jybaz Saturdays, the junior members of the club have been active in a variety of racing events.

  • Southport 12 hour race in June.
  • Southport 24 hour race, where both entries were well supported by Jybaz, with a number of juniors participating.


A collective thank you goes to everyone involved with Jybaz, there are too many to name but the most thanks must go to the children for their energy and enthusiasm for sailing.


Membership Report 2016

Jane Andrews

I am pleased to be able to report on an improved membership situation in 2016 compared to last three years. The overall number of members has increased this year to 270 people, this is a 15% increase in membership this year after a number of years in which we saw a decline in the number of members. We now have 182 adult members and 88 juniors a total of 270 people. The increase is due to more new members being recruited in 2016 and also to a slightly higher retention rate of new and existing members. The number of juniors in the club has increased this year to 88 children, the highest number in the last 6 years.

Open day is an extremely important event in the club’s calendar when we all work together to showcase the club and attract new members.  The Open day and the club’s ability to offer RYA training are very important in recruiting new members and giving both adults and children the opportunity to sail. This year on Open Day we signed up a total of 22 adults and 16 children, 38 new people in total.

There are two main groups of people joining the club in recent years, families with children who are attracted by the club’s Jybaz programme and adults who wish to learn to sail who are attracted by our RYA training programme.

It is very important for the club to retain these newly recruited members as well as long standing members. Key actions for the club are to enable new members who have completed training courses to become regular sailors and to encourage parents who attend Jybaz to sail in addition to their children. The Go Sailing Sessions, Start Racing Sessions and other help and support for novice sailors were designed to help all club members to develop their sailing and proved very popular.

Every member of the club can help to recruit, develop and retain members by:

  • Encouraging new members by being welcoming and friendly to people you don’t know;
  • Helping novice sailors to become more confident.
  • Encouraging friends and relatives to try out sailing at Rudyard Lake;
  • Publicising the club in your workplace and local community;

The future of the club depends on sailing being a fun activity in an ever increasingly crowded world, so I ask all members to please help by playing your part.

Club Membership 2016

We have 182 adult members and 88 juniors a total of 270 people. Over half of the club members are male, 60%, and 40% are female.

Membership Totals
Family 47 Adults 182
Single 28 Children/Junior 88
Emeritus 9 Total 270
Life 15
Full Members 144
Social 10 New Memberships 43
Crew 10
Junior 16
Student 1 Male members 163
Training 17 Female members 107
Total 270
Affiliate 1


Boats 2016

We have a fleet of 83 boats owned by members in addition we have a number of club boats.


Albacore 8 Fleet Numbers
Drascombe 1 Merlin 2 Solo 19
Enterprise 6 Mirror 1 Handicap 56
Fireball 1 Albacore 8
GP14 2 RS200 1
Flying 15 1 RS400 1 Total 83
K1 4 RS Vision 1
Kestral 1 Skipper  14 1
Lark 1 Solo 19
Laser 6 Streaker 1
Laser 3000 2 Topper 12
Laser 2 2 Wayfarer 1
Laser Pico 1 Walker Tideway 1 Members with boats 66
Laser  2000 1
Laser 1 1 Scorpion 1
Laser 4000 1
Lightning 1 Total Boats 83

Year on Year Comparison 2011 to 2016

Comparison of membership categories from 2011 to 2016 shows an improved situation in 2016 when compared to last three years. The overall number of members has increased this year to 270 people, a 15% increase in membership this year after a number of years in which we saw a decline in the number of members. The number of juniors in the club has increased this year to 88 children, the highest number in the last 6 years.  The increase is due to more new members being recruited in 2016 and also to a slightly higher retention rate of new and existing members.

Membership Numbers 2011 to 2016



2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Family 49 51 49 46 45 47
Single 29 27 25 27 24 28
Emeritus 8 11 10 8 7 9
Junior 17 14 15 13 9 16
Crew 10 13 14 11 7 10
Social 5 2 4 3 6 10
Honorary 1 1 1 1
Life 13 14 15 14 14 15
Affiliate 1 1
Student 2 2 1 1 2 1
Training 10 7 10 13 13 17



2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Adults 184 190 183 168 162 182
Children 80 87 81 81 72 88
Totals 264 277 264 249 234 270


Open Day May 2016

Open day is an extremely important event in the club’s calendar when we all work together to showcase the club and attract new members.  Open day is very important for recruiting new club members and giving both adults and children the opportunity to sail. On Open Day, I discussed membership with many visitors and successfully recruited 22 new memberships, 5 Family; 9 Training; 1 Social; 2 Crew (parents) and 5 Juniors.  A total of 22 adults and 16 children, 38 new people in total joined on Open Day. The majority of the new members joining us in 2016 (62%) did so on Open Day.

New Members 2016

In 2016 we recruited 43 new memberships, a total of 61 new people adults and children. This is the highest number of new members for some years. We welcomed to the club 40 adult new members and 21 children.

New Members 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Family 8 7 7 4 6 7
Single 4 2 3 2
Student 3 1
Social 2 2 2 1 1
Training 10 7 10 13 13 15
Crew (sailing) 2 3 1 2 1
Crew (parent) 2 3 6 2 1 6
Junior 8 4 7 5 2 10
Total 35 28 35 31 23 43


There are two main factors that are influential in recruiting new members. For adults, it is the Adult RYA training courses provided at the club. These courses are of key importance to the club and a major reason why adults join. For people with children the club’s Jybaz programme is a major factor in attracting parents and children to the club.

Some adults recruited as part of Jybaz family involvement have developed an interest in sailing, and have undertaken training courses and purchased boats. Encouraging parents to take an interest in sailing is very important for the club to enable good retention of families.

We also have adults joining as training members but unfortunately we only retain a small proportion of those we train as active sailing members. (see table 7 on retention). So it is very important to encourage our training members to develop their sailing skills, their confidence on the water and to enable them to take part in racing. The re-design of the summer season with ‘go sailing’ sessions has been designed to support our trainees and other novice sailors.

Retention of New Members in 2016

As well as recruiting new members it is vital for the club to retain them. To look at this I have analysed the retention rates for 5 years.  This analysis shows retention of new members who joined the club in the years 2011 to 2015. So for 2015 we recruited 23 new memberships 11 of which were renewed in 2016.

J=Joined:  R=Renewed the following year

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  J R J R J R J R Joined Renewed
Family 8 6 7 2 7 4 4 1 6 5
Single 4 3 3 1 3 2
Student 3 1
Social 2 1 2 1 2 2 1 1
Training 10 2 7 1 10 2 13 5 13 3
Crew (sailing) 2 1 3 1 1 2 1
Crew (parent) 2 3 1 6 6 2 1 1 1
Junior 8 4 4 1 7 6 5 2 2 1
Totals 35 15 28 8 36 21 31 14 23 11
Retention Rate   42%   28%   58%   45% 48%


This analysis shows that retention rate of 2015 new members has increased slightly. This year (2016) nearly half the new members (48%) who we recruited in 2015 have renewed. Particularly pleasing is the high proportion of new families who have retained their membership. The number of Adult Training members renewing is disappointing given the efforts made by the club to encourage novices with “Go Sailing”, coaching and other sailing development activities.

Members leaving the club


To complete the membership picture we need to look at the number of people leaving the club. This table shows the number of individuals and the membership types who did not renew their memberships in 2015 and 2016. Fortunately fewer members left the club in 2016 than in the previous year.





2015 2016
Family 25 12
Single 2 1
Student 2
Honorary 1
Emeritus 1
Training 8 10
Crew (sailing) 2 2
Crew (parent) 2 1
Junior 3 3
Total 43 32


There are however a range of reasons why members decide not to renew. I wrote to all members concerning their renewal, and some people replied giving their reasons. These range from ill health, being too busy, relationship and family issues, moving away, other interests and in one case lack of opportunity for novices. This latter issue has been addressed this year by the sailing committee. In some cases the spouse or partner of a family member no longer wishes to be a club member and the ‘sailor’ of the two has become a “Single” member.


Site Report

Tom Power


The clubhouse and grounds are in good order but there are always jobs to be done.

This year we have refurbished the committee room and it is now attractive and with new furnishings restful for weddings and parties. My thanks to the team who did the work

The septic tank has been serviced and the pump and switchgear have been replaced I hope this will improve the reliability of the system

The gas central heating boiler has been a problem; mainly through poor service from British Gas. We intend to seek a more reliable supplier when the existing contract expires.

The club house spotlights have been upgraded to LED lights which will significantly reduce electricity consumption The north pontoon has proved to be a real asset during the sailing season and maybe one day we will update the south pontoon.

The site is now part of a conservation area which may limit in future what we can do to the aspects of the club.

In the new year we will have working parties to prepare the club for the new season. Please make a note in your diary and come and help.


Social Events

Maggie Scott

A wide range of events were organized this year and for the first time, some were joint events with the Rowing Club. Our events are not run to make a profit, however it is good when they do, and it is worth noting that we also make a profit from bar takings at these events which are reported in the bar figures. Thank you to all those who helped organize these events..


Event   Organised by Date Pricing Attendees Profit / Loss excl. bar takings and before VAT

Fitting Out Supper

Chilli supper cooked by Angela Lilley Angela Maggie 10 April 2016 £6 29 Profit £97
Midsummer social BBQ by external caterer and live swing band Maggie 11 June 2016 £15 adults

£10 juniors

65 of which 20 from rowing club Loss £80
BBQ BBQ cooked by Neil and David Neil, David, Maggie,

Jane Smith

17 July 2016 £7.50 adults

£5 juniors

£20 family

70 Profit £266
Diamond celebration – autumn social Hog roast by external caterer and ceilidh Maggie 10 September 2016 £10 adults

£5 juniors

98 of which 39 from rowing club Profit £165
Diamond Trophy Dinner Sit down meal by external caterer, singer and disco Emma & Helen 19 November 2016 £29.50 adults

£24.50 juniors

£99 family





Profit £80

Juniors Christmas Party 3 meats buffet by outside caterers with accompaniments by parents Beric & Jybaz team 10 December 2016 Indicative £7.50 adults, £5 juniors with family discount 80 to 100



Profit £80




David Burnham

There have been four adult training courses during 2016 with 32 participants at RYA dinghy sailing levels 1 and 2.  We have issued 23 level 1 and 6 level 2 pass certificates.  We must recognise the valuable contribution that our Chief Sailing Instructor, Larry Muir and the Dinghy, Assistant Dinghy Instructors and supporting coxswains make in introducing new members to the sport of sailing and to our Club. Our thanks go to them.  Next year we propose to hold three 2-day sail training sessions covering levels 1 and 2 and seamanship.  We are also proposing to run some spinnaker training.

For the third year running on Thursday evenings from Easter to October half-term, up to 12 children (a minibus full) from Ryleys Prep School come to the club to learn to sail.  They progress through the RYA youth scheme (Stages 1 to 4). Tricia and Dave Ernest run these afterschool sessions and they would also like to thank Mr Tadman, a Ryleys teacher, who since bringing the children to Rudyard has also trained to become a Dinghy Instructor. We have recently been approached by another school and are finalising arrangements for Spring 2017.

Since October 2015, 17 students have achieved the RYA powerboat level 2 qualification and we plan to hold one more course this year.  Powerboat level 2 is the minimum qualification that we would like our coxswains to hold, so this is vital for the safe running of sailing and training at the Club. It is also a requirement for anybody wishing to become a Dinghy Instructor or Race Coach.  We thank Mike Barrow for the enormous effort he has put into delivering these courses.  Next year we will be running Safety Boat courses as well as Powerboat level 2.

None of these achievements would have been possible with functioning power boats and sailing dinghies.  That we have achieved a high standard in both is down to the boatswain teams who service boats, engines and dinghies.  Our thanks go to them.

The club has always encouraged its’ members to take part in club racing and attend Open events away from the club.  If any of our experienced racers would be interested in learning ways to pass on your experience to others, then please consider attending the 2-day Race Coach course. In March 2017 we plan to host a Race Coach Level 2 course at the club, open to all clubs in the area.

All instructors and coaches must hold a current RYA first aid certificate which remains valid for three years.  Ensuring that our instructors have an in-date certificate is a constant headache, especially as our planned course this year had to be cancelled because of illness of the tutor.  We ran a rearranged course later in the year at which 8 certificates were issued.  Next year, we expect the situation to be better as Mike Barrow will become a qualified RYA First Aid Trainer.

Over the years, ensuring that we have sufficient qualified instructors to allow us to deliver the courses that we would like to deliver has been a constant problem. So, we are particularly pleased to welcome a new Senior Dinghy Instructor, Joe Brazier, to the Club.  Joe is helping with the Jybaz and adult training but will also deliver the safety boat courses.  Our ability to train dinghy instructors should also be helped, as Trish Ordsmith will soon be assigned as an RYA Coach Assessor and she plans to run a DI course at Rudyard.  We constantly need to refresh our instructor pool as our 18-year-olds go out into the big bad world, so this year we have trained 8 new Assistant Dinghy Instructors.

The RYA annual inspection of the Recognised Training Centre was successfully completed early in November.  The few safety issues raised were readily addressed and the other issues will be addressed before next season.  The inspector was generally complementary about our organisation and constructive in his criticisms.  We have also been granted a licence from the Adventure Activities Licencing Authority (part of the Health and Safety Executive) which will allow us to run after-school sessions, holiday clubs and similar activities when the child’s parent or guardian is not present.

Hiring and Letting

Mary Wilson

Yet again function hire has proved to be a valuable source of income for the club. Unfortunately, a cancellation in April meant another busy period in the summer months. We accommodated 6 Saturday weddings, 4 Friday weddings (more convenient for the club but difficult to staff the daytime bar!) 1 member’s birthday party and the Rowing Club’s Xmas Party again. (As an aside The Rowing Club’s cooperative ventures have worked well this year.)

This generated a net income of £11,570 as compared with 2015 figure of £10,797.45. Amount spent on drinks at these events (pre-paid welcome drinks and wine, plus bar on the night) was   £15,830.83. We have received £4,810 for weddings / bookings for 2017 and 2018. In 2017 we are fully booked and we have 4 weddings booked for 2018.

In line with a recommendation from the management committee I increased the fees in October and made Friday and Saturdays prices the same. I have yet to take a booking at the increased price! The ceiling drapes remain very popular and I have welcomed the help I get from members putting them up and taking down plus tidying the cluhouse prior to weddings.  Hopefully now more people can do this in the future. Dave Mountain has done an excellent job of cutting the grass and maintaining the outside grounds ( a great idea!) whilst the committee room is now a lovely room to show off. One small niggle has arisen this year and it concerns the tidying up an evening buffet (if the caterers leave early)

Once more I must thank Jane and all the bar staff who give their time to staffing weddings. We couldn’t raise this income without you…..stand up and take a bow! We STILL need a few more people to help out. It IS good fun and more people means less shifts….it makes sense.


Jane Hill


The club has hosted a total of 9 Weddings this year and once again the feedback has been excellent.

Other Events

The Leek and Moorland Sports Award, Gateway visit and Rowing club party have proved good profit making evenings with good attendance and excellent feedback

We’ve hosted a number of club socials all of which were well attended and have contributed to the bar profits.

As far as the bar takings are concerned Jane Smith will no doubt be able to fill us in on those.


Although I can recruit some outside staff for events the do often prove not only hard to get hold of but can also prove somewhat unreliable so it continues to be a struggle to adequately staff the bar.  Please if anyone would like to volunteer speak to me after the meeting if we are to continue to offer a wedding facility this is a VERY important issue that needs to be addressed as I can see in the future we may well not have adequate staff to man the bar.

I will be appointing a deputy for next year as I can’t continue to shoulder the bar chairmanship on my own.  I have spoken to Neil Walker and he has agreed to be my deputy.  Neil has a great deal of experience and I’m sure will be a great asset and help to me.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard working bar staff and Mary Wilson for liaising with me over the wedding bookings.